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Finally... June.
last modified: Sunday, June 01, 2008 (2:51:32 PM CST)
I had fun reading everyone else's blog posts....

So I decided to make one as well. My gallery is not closed it is just not going to have anymore updates for the time being. I do have some cels I would like to update with but just have not have had time to scan them and etc.

I went to a-kon and Curt did not have alot of stuff I liked. Which is a good thing because I had very little funds. I have not bought a cel since maybe January of this year and bought a cheap one on Friday.

I have switched to the night team at my job so I can make more money. Woot! My current manage is so awesome! He likes the work I do and my other manager ended up getting a director position. He gave me a good review for my yearly raise but my current manager changed it to where I would get the highest raise possible. LOL I feel so lucky...

I hate how when your plans for paying off debt never work. I ended up with a ton of money in May but all of it went to BS. For example, Why is it when I it is bonus time that one of my cats get sick? My cat that we found last year ended up acting strange and it turns out the breathing problems she had when she was a kitten were returning. We have meds for her now. ^_^ Stupid trachea! Then I had to pay for a traffic ticket... and my other regular bills. I also have had to go to the doctor alot recently. There are two more I need to go to but I fear the diagnosis and I don't want to have to take medication. >_> Ah... I also have a box full of anime stuff I need to sell but have not taken any pictures yet... That is just me being purely lazy.

Oh! I am going back to school in the fall.. that is where the rest of my money is going. I have to pay for that out of my own pocket... Also gas SUCKS! I know it is not as bad as it is in other places.... still yet! Oh well.

I hope to do an update before my birthday..(That is in November). We will see. I have thought about selling some cels to get me caught up but everyone else seems to be selling and the market is kind of flooded. Not so much with AnC cels though... hmm. I hope everyone is doing well. The economy sucks right now but I don't really see it getting any better(I spent my stimulus money on some study materials and the rest on debt. LOL

Please look in the RS Shop for any cels I may part with. They will also have an option where you can make a offer. I am trying to stay away from ebay because they piss me off. lol

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How do you deal with rejection?
last modified: Wednesday, February 27, 2008 (5:10:49 PM CST)
I just got out of an interview for another position within the company I work for. Turns out they are basicly just making another position you have to get into first to get into the sales position that I want. >_< I am not worried. Ill eventually get the job... LOL

So I am sitting in the interview, and the guy asks me "How do you deal with rejection?". Such a strange interview question!! Makes sense though to ask that becuase of the type of work I will be doing.

My response?

What do you want me to do? Cry about it? You kinda have to let things roll off of your back or you will get no where fast.

They said that was the perfect answer.. but I don't think so. LOL I have this problem of not sounding very professional. I guess my attitude of "keeping it real"(that is what my team mates say at least) needs to start fading out. Ah.. such a good way to live though. I repeated myself alot in that interview. All of the fancy words and responses I had thought of last night flew out the window as I became more nervous. What ever happened to that confidence I get when I put on a nice two suit? ah...

In other non job related talk.. LOL

Jiji is doing great!!!!!!! I will update with pictures after I have the stitch things removed from his neck. I cant remember what they are called for the life of me right now. I ended up owing the vet another $350. ouch >_< oh well. still cheaper than what I thought it was going to be. I love my $2250 cat! LOL

He is becoming very spoiled... At night when I come home; he jumps up on the island in the kitchen and starts nudging me because he wants his flaked tuna cat food. The cats are used to dry food so they are loving the wet stuff. :D

All is good though. There should be no more complications and he has escaped the house a few times. I would think going outside would be terrible if a good bit of me was shaved. :-/ Cold...

later ^=^
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I am so grateful!
last modified: Sunday, February 17, 2008 (12:00:10 AM CST)
This past week has been hell for me. It all started with Jiji going in for his sugery and then all hell broke lose. ~_~ He was in intensive care on Tuesday.

Wednesday his swelling went down and they were able to take him off of oxygen. The mass in his throat/mouth would not go down so they replaced the tube for his tracheostomy.

Thursday they wanted to try to take the tube out but alas the mass still had not gone down and things were getting tricky because mucas kept getting into the tube and they had to swab it out every other hour. They couldn't keep replacing the tube because they could not keep putting him under over and over again. By this time I was close to giving up on the whole thing.

Friday was much better! The mass had finally gone down enough to where they could remove the tube. Jiji would still every so often breath out of the hole in his neck but he was eating for once and could breath on his own. So no more IVs!

Today I picked him up and he was so happy to see my little brother and myself. He started purring. I had paid the vet a few hundred dollars on Friday and there was no additional charges to be added so I paid nothing else today.

I had my gallery for offers in fears that I would be facing a bill on top of what I have already paid them of a few thousand dollars. They had him for a total of 4 nights and gave him constant care. I figured they would charge me what I paid three times over. They had to go into the OR at least once outside of the original surgery. ah well. All in all I paid about $1900 in vet bills but it was well worth it. This office saved a little kitten I brought in last summer so I trust them now more than ever. I have to take Jiji back in two weeks to get the sutras taken out of his neck. They were put in to keep the tube in place. We are letting the hole heal on its own.

The entire family is keeping an eye on him. We are out of the woods but we are watching him just in case he swells up again or has any other strange symptoms. The surgery site on his neck is not pretty but it is what saved his life. He looks a bit beat up but he will heal in time.


Poor shaved kitty. LOL Just wanted to let everyone know the outcome. Hopefully he still has a few more of his 9 lives saved up for later. >_> LOL


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Just to give you a heads up...
last modified: Wednesday, February 13, 2008 (12:07:00 AM CST)
Jiji(my cat) is in intensive care right now. That surgery I decided to blow my tax return on is going to end up putting me in even more debt. His surgery went great and the doctor said there were no complications. That was around 11:00am. I got a call around 3:30pm from another vet saying his mouth and throat started to swell up and they had to cut his trachea to put a tube in to help him breath and he is currently in the oxygen box thing they have. I did not get to pick up but instead heard this on my voice mail. They were trying to get my permission to do this but they went ahead and did it anyways because they were going to lose him if they didn't. There is a good chance he won't make it now. Strange that he was okay and then all of a sudden have this happen. They will open him back up and find out what the hell is going on because he started swelling where they operated in his mouth and also in his throat. Maybe a blood clot they said. The vet really was not sure but she said it was pure swelling. The operation was something that generally happens to dogs and this was the first time she was doing to do this on a cat. Basicly his saliva duct was leaking causing his saliva to build up under his gums and bubble up. It is rare to see it happen in cats and more common in dogs. I dunno. I am going to through alot of guilt issues right now. Mostly wishing I had just let him be. He was happy the way he was.

Just wanted to let everyone know. Don't get offended if i ignore your calls, get short with you or randomly sign off on AIM. I guess keep him in your thoughts or something like that. I guess I'll post if anything drastic happens(mostly if he is going to be okay or not). I dunno what else to say. later
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First Blood
last modified: Sunday, January 20, 2008 (5:58:03 AM CST)

Call me a little sick and twisted but it sounds like those guys got what they had coming to them. Driving up in their BMW acting like pricks and thinking they can just go around fucking with animals that are caged. Yeah sure, so the cage wall was too low. So that is the zoo's fault. Kids and people visited the damn tiger ALL the time. The zoo KNOWS this. Thus why they KNOW that those prissy little fuckers did something to provoke that animal! I am sure they acted like that in other areas of their life. Someone was going to teach them a lesson eventually. It just so happened to cost someone's life and happen to be a big ass tiger that finally got its freedom from that hell hole.

Sorry, I do not like zoos at ALL. Those animal's shouldn't be caged up like that. I understand if you are trying to save a species and thus trying to get those animals to reproduce? But to just stick random animals and cages and have people stare at them all day and fuck around with them? Not acceptable!

LOL and to add a random "Oh my god she didn't just say that" note to this blog. Those kids drew first blood. LOL
(They teased the shit out of them which counts lol)

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WOOAH! Close to 10K Hits!
last modified: Saturday, December 22, 2007 (6:22:47 PM CST)
How exciting. Due to my excessive laziness I may wait until I reach 15K or some other far out number until I do another update. I lie. I most likey will update in a month or two.

I am going to be getting web hosting soon for my own site that I have yet to make. It is mostly going to be a fan site but I will create a link off to the side for my cels. I will most likely continue to update this gallery once I make the move. If i make the move... Lazy.

This year was a good year. I want to thank everyone for helping me find some good cels. Especially Buttrflym who helped me find the close up winged Tooya. <3

I guess I will also point out some favorite cels that I bought this year.

Hagoromo cel.

Favorite Tooya cel (with wings)

Favorite Aya cel

Tama-san. <3

Fushigi Yuugi sketch. This one is my favorite.

So I did end up making this into a year end blog... hmph. lol Hopefully I will have good cel luck in 2008. I am getting very satisfied with my AnC collection so I will keep my eyes open for cels from other series more often next year. Hope everyone has a safe and happy new year! ^-^

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2 Big Wishlist + New Layout!
last modified: Sunday, August 05, 2007 (2:20:27 PM CST)
I updated with 2 big wishlists yesterday. I meant to write a blog but was too busy updated another site I use. @_@

These two wishlists mean alot to me. Not only that, for ONCE I was able to get the exact cel that I used for my wishlist page. Well... not once. It actually happened twice this time. :D

I am not sure if alot of people noticied or not but I have not been around lately. I have been working 45-50 hour weeks and on top of that I am so close to getting another promotion at work! I am also handling a couple of projects outside of the scope of my usual job PLUS doing a fundraiser for the American Heart Association(Which by the way I have been doing a terrible job at). So much easier to give money to others than try to organize your own team and get them to get donations. I hate asking people for money... ~_~

I have not taken a break from cels. I am still collecting I have just become very picky. If you visit my gallery often you will notice I have sold 3 cels in the last couple of months. The first cel is a sequence mate of Aki being shot. The second cel was of Shinji from Evangelion. That one actually was given to someone as a gift. The third one is the beautiful Yuhi holding Chidori after she has passed away in the beginning of Episode 20. That one can now be seen at nene's gallery:

I needed some money fairly fast and I could not think of anyone who would loves that cel as much as I do. :D I got my wishlist so that is all I am happy about now. I do not plan on selling any other cels from my gallery at this point forward.

I am planning to open up a website later this year. I have not decided if I will move my cel gallery there. It is a possibility. I have not decided just yet.

All in all I have been busy but I am still here. :D YOu may see me updating my merchandise website at collectica.com:

I will start studing for my Series 7 which is a beast of a test in the coming months. There is a position I want at work that requires that license which means you may even see me less at that point in time(The test is 6 hours long!!!). x_x

As usual, thanks for stopping by! If you ever see anything that needs to be correct on my site please feel free to give me some feedback. :D

-Ja ne'

PS: Just updated with a new layout. It is from the new Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden CD. I would like to thank thegreatspid for editing FY title out of the picture for me... ^_^
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The Worst Luck With Cars....
last modified: Monday, June 18, 2007 (2:16:54 PM CST)
Not sure how many people know or how many people I really told... I recently bought a new car. I sold my little sister my Mazda Protege and bought myself a 2007 Mazda 3(I didn't really shop around, i am devoted to Mazdas LOL).

My protege and I have been through many hard times though. Being hit by big ass trucks who run stop signs, stop lights, also you have to love the ones who drive through parking lots and hit you too. So my driving record is a wreck but I only have one at fault accident(only one?!!). yeah... Plus it is Texas so "everything is bigger" in Texas and everyone has to have those damn big trucks... anyways... {/Rant} lol

So last night it is storming and the lights go out. My sister, brother and I all go downstairs and start going to bed on the couches when my parents come downstairs... I go to the front door where they are at and low and behold... My car. There my car is... where I parked it? Yes. But how far underwater? oh oh oh.... I of course just start screaming and freaking out. My insurance wouldn't let me get my own policy because I have bad luck with cars(my driving record which shows i am consistent with having bad luck). I am in the middle of switching insurance companies but... this car is still covered(has not been 30 days yet). I call my friend who gets his friend that has one of those big obnoxious trucks that I hate to pull my car out of the water. The water wasn't to my waist but it was above my knees. We didn't need the truck because it was too late for the inside of my car. The water level inside was just as bad as it was outside. SO we opened the door, put it out of park and rolled it out of the flooding area(keep in mind that we are on a curb in one of the lowest parts of the neighborhood so only our house and two others were really affected).

So yeah.... I Have been shop vacing my car all morning... My friend checked my cars levels and said there didn't seen to be any water in it so that checked out. I may go and get them replaced anyways (wonders if her car warrantly would cover that).

Oh yeah get this. I am bidding on a notepad on YJ.. i put a max bid of 5K yen on it just for the hell of it last night before the lights went out. Someone bidded up to 5K! i am still the max bidder by default.. i just went a bit higher. But that much money for a notepad?!? COME ON!!! LOL AND they did it 100 yen at a time... That is so obnoxious.... (I am constantly at war with one japanese bidder over Furoku on YJ...)

That has been my night/morning. Don't be surprised if I do an offer period on my entire gallery because of damages. I may have to... but I am going to do everything in my power for it to not come to that *dies of exhaustion*

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A-kon Update + Wishlist Added
last modified: Monday, June 04, 2007 (12:55:20 AM CST)
I updated my gallery with cels I got at A-kon + a couple of other cels that I needed to scan o_o Please keep in mind that my gallery does contain spoilers, and so does this update.

This is an exciting update for me for two reasons. First off, I got another wishlist cel. I did not upload this image into my wishlist, i needed to convert it from a PNG to a Jpg(then i figured out later that I did not need to do that... haha). The wishlist cel can me seen here:
Yuuhi Holding Chidori's body

Secondly, I found a cel that matched a cel layer that I already owned. I bought the cross layer(D-1) years ago on ebay. I did not notice until i uploaded it onto my website that the left side of the cel was clipped. I found the rest of the cel layers(A-1, B-1 and C-1) at A-kon. Those cels were also clipped. It looks as though they did a close up of D-1 and then a regular shot of the rest of the layers. very strange. The background number at the top also matches on all cel layers. This is a first for me! haha This cel can be seen here:

I wanted to upload some more Fushigi Yuugi stuff, but did not have time to scan it all.

The Beta cel meet up did not go as planned mostly due to poor planning because of yours truely. Maybe better next con? ^_^;;

I'm still working on getting one more wishlist cel and may have another one on the way. Wish me luck! ^-^

ja ne'
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Sayonara Tama-san, RIP.
last modified: Wednesday, May 02, 2007 (5:25:37 AM CST)

Rest in peace my friend. I will miss shouting "Tama-san! ohio gozaimasu!!" and hearing your loud meow in reply. We love you and miss you. <3


I am so heart broken right now and can not stop crying. If only I had gone out in the rain to look and see where that meow was coming from. I could have saved him. Instead he was dying and being rained on. I wish I had gone to find him. I can't stop crying. I named him Tama-san from Fushigi Yuugi and plus it is a common cat name in Japan. I have had him for the past 6 years. We have had 4 cats die within the past week. I don't know how much more of this I can take. :(

Some good news is the kitten I have been taking care of the last couple of days is almost 100% better. We are going to keep it. I may call him/her Poplar(From Imadoki). heh We will see.

Sorry for the rant everyone. I am so crushed over this.
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Wishlist Cel Update!! ^-^
last modified: Sunday, April 08, 2007 (1:14:28 PM CST)
I am finally almost caught up with scanning in cels. @_@

I got my deputy package last weekend and over this past week I have been slowly scanning in all my cels in. I have updated with a couple of wishlist cels. One of them was a borderline dream cel(The opening cel of Aya & Tooya). :D

Hope everyone enjoys the update. I am thinkinga bout making the horizontal pan cels look like regular thumbnails. they are messing up the look of my gallery and it is starting to annoy me. LOL

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Update + Layout Changes
last modified: Sunday, March 11, 2007 (4:43:41 PM CST)
I accidently deleted the blog I wrote earlier today... I wanted to edit it a bit >_<

I changed my gallery up a bit. I replaced the yellow with white. It is a bit bright, but I prefer this right now. :D Tell me if you think it is too bright on the eyes compared to the maroon and pink >_>

Anyways, I updated a few cels today. I will have a larger update in about a month. I have been study my ass off for my Series 6 this past week and still have weeks to go of studing until I take my test. Ah well.

Hope everyone is enjoying the spring time like weather(or if you are in texas, i hope you are enjoying it :D). I Love this season.

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Huge Update, Wishlists Added
last modified: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 (12:19:23 AM CST)
I finally got around to updating my gallery.

What took the longest was adding episode IDs to all of the cels. Good thing Ayashi no Ceres only has 24 episodes...

I also put a *New Cels* section so you dont have to go roaming through out my entire gallery searching for which ones that are new. I stole that idea from Buttrfly(http://eternal.rubberslug.com/gallery/home.asp) >_> She has done some updating as well, go check out her steamy Yuuhi and Aya cels! <3_<3

I also added some items to my wishlist. :D There were a couple of cels I could not upload this time around for this update. I need a larger scanner for them. I will hopefully add them onto the next update. ^_^ Expect another update in the next month or so. I spent my ENTIRE day off today updating this gallery. Please feel free to leave me any feedback or if you see i made a mistake IDing the cels. :)

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Time to Cross that Threshold in Cel Collecting....
last modified: Monday, January 29, 2007 (7:51:30 PM CST)
When I was in the RS chat awhile ago we talked about the infamous $1K club. You know, collectors who have dropped $1K or more on one single cel. After much thought and consideration, I have finally decided that it is time for me to cross that threshold in cel collecting. I have finally found a cel that is borderlining Holy Grail for me, and I am so excited!!!

Expect some cels to dissapear from my collection. Those particular cels are going to new homes. I will also be doing some updating sooner or later with some new cels I have received in the past month or so(I am slow at updating). I am really wanting to get a new scanner before I scan anything else in... just because it will be easier for me. I hate/love cels with backgrounds and oversized cels!! >_>

I currently have two wishlist cels that I am eyeing. If all falls into place I will be updating my gallery with them in about a month or two :D :D

I may also be straying away from Ayashi no Ceres cels for a bit. Spend my money on another series for awhile. I say this, but I know I will keep buying cels from this series >_< HAHAHA

Anyways, I'd figure I'd update. I am kinda bored at work and on my break. Thinking of ways to spend my money that i am making at this very moment.. HAHA

ja ne'
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Wishlist Cels!
last modified: Wednesday, December 20, 2006 (5:08:33 PM CST)
For the last couple of days I have sat here at work, looking at my phone... waiting for a call to come in.

I sometimes get paranoid if I am even in available mode to take a call(I have been known to sit here... stare at my computer and then find out I was in the wrong setting on my phone.) haha scary.

I made a big update on this site with cels not too long ago. It seems like the cels that I want are getting more and more expensive(so I keep shelling out more and more money out for them). I found two wishlist cels today(I never updated my wishlist with them, but they are still wishlist cels none the less). ^___^ I found them, bought them, and now I am rewritting how much money I will have for this month. haha

I was supposed to buy my Ninja motorcycle by now, but alas I have not have time to take the class I need on the weekends(I go to school on the weekends). I look at my collection now, and If a dealer took payment in cels, I would have more than in enough in "cel currency"" to buy one now. hahaha I should take that class... then I will buy my bike.

So why such a ranting post? I dunno. I will not buy anymore cels unless it is something jaw dropping until Feb from here on out. If i dont spend any of my money on cels next month, I will have my credit card completely paid off(woot).

Another slightly big update is to come again soon. Not too big(like my last one). Maybe 10-15 cels. I am thinking about trimming down my collection in some areas as well. Watch Anime Beta for a post about this at a later date(If I decide to do it lol).

Time to get back to staring at my phone again. @_@
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And so the blogging begins...
last modified: Tuesday, September 26, 2006 (3:17:26 PM CST)
I had someone tell me that I should start writting blogs so my viewers will get to know a little more about me. I do not have my access at work to my home e-mail so I can not say exactly who told me this at this point in time. >_>

I would first like to say sorry to anyone that has given me feedback but I have not responded to them yet. I usually have just enough time to check my e-mail and read it. I tend to babble on and thus It takes me FOREVER to get back to anyone that sends me a message through e-mail(this is the same for Myspace). I will be having a huge update soon(I am paying for shipping for some of my cels through my deputy service today). The cels I bought yesterday though will not be included in this shipment though, and that makes me very sad. haha Anyways, I am slowly going through my gallery and photoshopping alot of scans. Mosting photoshopping out the darkness that is at the top of some of the cels that do not have backgrounds on them. This is because of course of my scanner not being completely flat and a little bit of light getting into the scanner. I have already resized all of my thumbnails, i just have to upload them now. ^_^

I am at work.. And i have a headach to boot. I guess that is it for this first blog. I want to go home and finish my biology homework and sleep. >_>

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