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Ayashi no Ceres - Tooya is Alive!

Thank you for stopping by my gallery. As you can see, I mostly collect from anime series based off of the works of Yuu Watase. Please do not use any of my scans without contacting me first. These images are copyrighted by their respective owners.

None of these cels are for sale so please do not ask. If you have a cel I may like then please send me feedback. I will post on Anime-beta.com or the rubberslug shop if I wish to sell any of my collection.

This site does contain spoilers!

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11/3/2013Adding sizes to the larger cels & sketches. Will hopefully update with a few more cels in the next few weeks. If you could not tell already, the gallery is still open! :)
12/4/2012This gallery is still open... I have not had any time to update anything I have bought in the last few years. Message me if you need anything!
12/31/2008Uploaded at least one cel in each AnC section. I made my favorite the featured cel. ^_~
11/22/2008Uploading the following:
Ayashi no Ceres: 43
Fushigi Yuugi TV/OVA: 8
Fushigi Yuugi Eikoden: 40
Naruto: 1
I will be uploading some repro gengas as well... within the next day or two. ^_~

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** Anime-Beta Awards** (3) 12/2/2007

Ayashi no Ceres - Opening
Ayashi no Ceres Ep. 01-12 (44) 11/23/2008
Ayashi no Ceres Ep. 13-17 (35) 12/31/2008
Ayashi no Ceres Ep. 18-20 (36) 12/31/2008
Ayashi no Ceres Ep. 21-24 (59) 12/31/2008
Ayashi no Ceres Ep. unknown (2) 11/23/2008
Fushigi Yuugi - TV & OVA (8) 11/22/2008
Fushigi Yuugi -Eikoden (185) 11/23/2008
Other Series (2) 11/22/2008

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