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Alright.. I am updating this thing again. LOL

I am fairly new to collecting compared to others who have been around for years. I bought my first cel in 2001 at Animefest from Curt at Asylum anime. It was a cheap cel and I had the money for it at the time(I was only 16... and was not serious about collecting). I bought a few cels since then over the years that were fairly cheap. I really never gave any though to collecting as a full time hobby... until I graduated form highschool. The cel to the right is my first cel..

After I graduated highschool I started looking for stuff to buy because I was a bored college student who had a good paying part time job. I had missed my chance at sequence mate to the Chidori cel I have shown in my left hand side because I had to be in class(That as during highschool). I saw another sequence mate pop up so waited for the price to go down... it never did. I decided to use the "Make an offer" option on the website and made a laughable offer(50% off listing price) knowing it would be denied... well.. it was accepted and I was hooked on cell collecting from that point forward. O_O!

So... yeah. That is my "how I got into collecting" story. lol I work in the finance industry and my favorite movies include First Blood(+ sequels), Waking Life, Paprika, Perfect Blue and the Terminator trilogy. Yup.. that is it. @_@

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